Last time, we shared about how to host a wine and painting party. Are you and your friends more the glamorous type than you are the painting type? Maybe a glamour shots party is more your speed.

glamour shots
Courtesy of Awkward Family Photos

Remember (for those of you old enough) the popular trend in the 90’s that was the magnificence of glamour shots? For those of you not old enough, you can find it in your history books. Big hair, big makeup and big crazy/shiny/furry/outlandish outfits made for some pretty majestic (and oftentimes super hilarious, if truth be told) photography. I’m told they still have glamour shots today, they’re just not as over the top. (Where’s the fun in that?)


With today’s smart phones, taking great photography is a snap! So really all you need to do is throw up a white sheet for the background, make sure the lighting is good and assign someone to take the shots. Or switch off the photography duties.

Surprised businesswoman making selfie photo on smartphone. Wearing in blue shirt and glasses. Standing over gray background

Encourage your friends to bring their most “glamorous” clothes (fake furs, sequins, feathers and animal print all work amazingly) and their own makeup. You can eat, maybe a sip of wine or two, and get glamorous together. Take lots pictures and have a ton of laughs. The cost is minimal, the fun is maximum! And really isn’t that the perfect combination for a winning party?


When it’s all over, you can send your friends digital copies of your night of glamour and relive the laughs over and over!


Contributed by Shellie Sylla, Marketing Manager at Steadfast Management Company.