Buzzfeed’s Tasty videos are great for food lovers and cooks alike. Whether you like to just watch the prep and drool or you’re looking for something new to add to your recipe collection, you’ll enjoy these quick and yummy videos. Here’s our six favorites we’re loving on right now!


Three Ingredient BBQ Popcorn Chicken. With BBQ sauce AND BBQ chips, these popcorn chicken treats are a BBQ fan’s dream! Check out the video here.

BBQ chicken


Beef Cutlet-Stuffed Garlic Bread. If beef, cheese, avocado, garlic and bread are wrong, I don’t want to be right! These little sandwiches pack a punch, they include all the food groups and are chockful of LOVE. Check out the video here.

beef stuffed garlic bread


Layered Ham and Cheese Potato Bake. This bubbly, delicious ham, cheese and potato lasagna is comfort food to the max. Yum plus yum! Check out the video here.

ham and cheese


Four Easy Three-Ingredient Dinners. You get four for the price of one with this video. From homemade mac & chesse, to chili-glazed salmon, Cajun BBQ ribs and teriyaki chicken, you get a wide variety of surf or turf dishes guaranteed to please. Check out the video here.

dinner fourways


One-Pot Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pasta. The word creamy in any recipe tells me it’s full of all things delicious. And this recipe doesn’t disappoint! This is the perfect easy weeknight comfort food dinner that your family will love! Check out the video here.

chicken mushrooms


Easy General Tso’s Chicken. I’m not sure who General Tso is, but I sure do love his food! Even more so that it’s so easy. Thanks, General! Serve this classic over rice and enjoy with a delicious glass of wine. Life is good! Check out the video here.

gen tso


If these videos from Tasty don’t make you want to whip up a tasty (see what I did there?) dish, I’m not sure what will! So let’s get cooking people!


Contributed by Shellie Sylla, Marketing Manager Steadfast Management.