There are so many easy ways to dramatically reduce your waste every day that most people don’t know about. Beyond helping save the planet, you’ll also save serious time and money – without really even trying.

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, we’ve put together a 30-day challenge to waste less—less food, water, electricity, time, and money.

1.BYOB(ag) to the grocery store


2. Unplug appliances you aren’t using


3. Cut brown bananas in half and freeze for smoothies


4. Ditch the coffee stirrer


5. Recycle an old electronic device


6. Fill ice trays with leftover wine to use in future recipes


7. Make a grocery list (and only buy what’s on it)


8. Turn the water off while scrubbing dishes


9. Buy bulk quantities of pantry staples (rice, pasta, nuts)


10. Store kitchen scraps (raw fruits and veggies, egg shells to compost)


11. Repair that leaky faucet


12. Donate what you don’t want – Reduce Waste!


13. Pick one food and cook with every part of it


14. Tupperware: Use it! – Recycle


15. Break bananas apart to increase their counter life


16. Trade paper towels for a cloth one


17. Don’t mix fruits and vegetables (they spoil each other)


18. Learn the right way to organize your fridge


19. Say no to plastic straws


20. Turn day-old rice into fried rice


21. Swap your paper coffee cup for a mug


22. Reuse jars for flowers or bulk food


23. Buy organic milk (it’s processed differently to last longer)


24. Don’t confuse “sell by,” “best by,” or “use by” with “toss by”


25. Traveling? turn down the thermostat and unplug


26. Carpool


27. Ditch disposable water bottles


28. Go paperless for bank statements, bills, etc.


29. Ordering takeout? Say no to utensils and napkins


30. Trade tea bags for loose leaf tea in a tea infuser





Contributed by Emma Guerena, Marketing Intern Steadfast Management