Is Cinco de Mayo really Cinco de Mayo without margaritas? A question for the ages!


Classic Margarita. Let’s start at the beginning—the classic marg. The classics are called that for a reason!

classic margarita
Courtesy Cooking Channel

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Perfect Pineapple Margarita. This is fruity, buttery deliciousness from


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Blueberry Margaritas Food and Fruity margs are yummy and well…fruit. It’s like a fruit salad. Right? Enjoy this fruit salad from Food and Wine.

blueberry margarita
Courtesy Food and Wine

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Virgin Margarita. Margaritas don’t have to have alcohol. This virgin margarita from is delicious and anyone can enjoy it!

virgin margarita

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Margarita Pops. Not all margaritas can be found in glasses. This frozen treat from Cooking Channel is a fun way to get your marg on!

margarita pops
Courtesy Cooking Channel TV

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Contributed by Shellie Sylla, Marketing Manager Steadfast Management.