It’s too cold to go out and all you want to do is snuggle under the blankets. Unfortunately, all the kids want to do is run and get out energy. So what do you do?

happy friends having fun together

You could plop them down in front of the TV, but that’s not going to work off the energy and they’ll likely be even crazier later. We checked in with to see what they suggested to help you and your active children from losing your minds during the foul weather.

Physical challenges. Kids love beating their parents at things. How about who can balance longer on one foot, who can touch their nose with their toes, who can make the most baskets in trashcan basketball? The kids will love it and it will give you time to wear each other out.

Pool games on dry land. Have you ever thought about playing sharks and minnows or Marco Polo? Make sure you play it in a safe, room with little furniture and nothing breakable. How fun to shout out, “Marco?” and hear your kids yell, “Polo!” knowing that you’re burning away the energy. If you don’t want to run around with your eyes closed, can always go with the old standby, hide and go seek. Who doesn’t love that?

Commercial running breaks. The kids don’t want to sit still during the commercials? Why not challenge them to see how many times they can run a lap in your home before the show is back on, or how many times they can run around the living room. Trust me, if you phrase it like a challenge, they’ll fall for it at about any age.

Chores. In my experience, when kids don’t HAVE to do chores, they actually enjoy them. Especially if you can make it fun. Have them help polish the floors with rags on their feet, or race to see who can pick up ten items first. Not only will it help wear them out, but it will also help you have a clean(ish) home! That’s a win/win.

Mini-workout. Why not get them to do some pushups, burpees, squats or whatever else gets them going. Have a dance off or just do some yoga. Another great resource to get them going is They have videos and challenges to get kids physical in an indoor setting. The idea is to get them moving. And in no time at all, you’ll all be sweating.

As with anything, the idea is to be safe and to not make your neighbors insane. Please be aware if someone lives under or next to you and know that shouting, stomping kids aren’t going to be a lot of fun for them. Use your best judgment. Worst case scenario, you can always break out the board games or Netflix and popcorn.

Contributed by Shellie Sylla, Marketing Manager at Steadfast Management Company. (Republished from March 16, 2016)