You know what’s one of the best things about apartment living? No yard work, no upkeep, no maintenance! They do it for you. However, no matter where you live, maintenance issues are going to happen. There are some things you can do to help keep your home running smoothly. Much like the philosophy “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” here are six tips to help keep the maintenance away!


Heating & A/C. It’s a great idea to test your heater and A/C before you’re going to actually need them. Imagine, you’re coming home, it’s a HOT day, and all you want to do is turn on the A/C, put your feet up and relax. But uh-oh, it’s not working. Or conversely, freezing and the heater doesn’t work. A few seconds of testing your heating and A/C before you need them will save you a lot of discomfort.


Also, before you run the heater, make sure you have vacuumed and cleaned the vents. Burning dust not only smells bad, it’s a fire hazard.


Dishwasher & Garbage Disposal. Be sure to run your dishwasher once a month. Once a month? What are we, savages? We use it daily! But if you do like to hand-wash your dishes (and we’re not judging you for that), make sure you run the dishwasher once a month, it will help keep any musty smells away. If you do use your dishwasher, it’s always a good idea to not overload it and only use dishwasher detergent recommended for automatic dishwashers. It’s funny in movies when the cute little kid puts the wrong soap in a dishwasher or washing machine and soap gets everywhere, not so funny when it’s happening to you.


Always turn on the water when you are running the garbage disposal. If it’s smelling bad, you can buy garbage disposal “breath mints” at the store. Or even easier, put a lemon or lime wedge in there and run it. It will help clean the blades and make it smell citrusy!


Carpets & Flooring. This is no doubt a no-brainer, but vacuum frequently. Ground-in dirt can ruin your carpeting. It’s best to not shampoo your carpet yourself, check with the management team about cleaning options. For laminate, tile or wood flooring, please check with the leasing office on the best ways to clean it.


Pest Control.  If you find you have a pest problem, please contact the management team, so service can be scheduled.



Plumbing Issues. Don’t tackle plumbing issues yourself. However, if there is running water that won’t stop, find the water supply valve and turn off the water (lefty/loosey righty/tighty) until the cavalry arrives. Reach out to your management team if you’re not sure where the water valve is for any potential future issues.


Make sure you clean up the water before maintenance comes. You don’t want any standing water around and it will make the team’s time in your home and your home being back to normal that much sooner.


When to call the maintenance team. So when exactly do you call them? Anything water or electrical, broken appliances or damage to the unit. If you have any doubts, call and ask. They’re there to help you.


With just a few little things, you can save yourself the inconvenience and annoyance of waiting for maintenance and have time to just put up your feet and enjoy your home.


Contributed by Shellie Sylla, Marketing Manager at Steadfast Management Company.