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Back to school life hacks!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017   19:05

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending who you are) school is right around the corner. It’s universally agreed it’s better to work smarter not harder.  We thought we’d share seven hacks that make your school experience easier. Search Engine Hack. When searching things online don’t use type in: Google scholar focuses on more relevant information…

Pop Quiz-Mixed Bag

Monday, 10 July 2017   18:20

Welcome back to our Pop Quiz – Steadfast’s Trivia Game. Today’s topic a mixed bag.  Good luck, smarty pants!   How many centimeters are in one inch? ​2.54 centimeters 1.35 centimeters 3.15 centimeters 2.17 centimeters What is the top speed of a cheetah? 22 mph 68-75 mph 55 mph 50 mph   What is the…

Dog Alert

Wednesday, 05 July 2017   19:17

  Feeling down today? Try to stay in a bad mood after these pups!   Good morning! Time for snuggles!     10:30 Meeting These three dogs are hard at work. Who wouldn’t want to be in this meeting?     Grrrr Mondays This little pup is having a RUFF morning. He’s thinking Mondays Shmondays!  …

July Holidays (It’s not just the 4th, people!)

Saturday, 01 July 2017   18:38

Notable July Holidays Other than Independence Day!   In the US if someone is asked what holidays are in July they will most likely will say Independence Day. But what about the other recognized holidays? We thought we would share a list of many of the holidays coming up in July, so you can continue…

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