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Summer is Coming

Monday, 04 April 2016   14:08

Swimsuit weather is coming. Lying by the pool, taking a dip, getting some sun–it’s a great time of year. But many of us still have on our…um…winter bodies. Well don’t despair, here are some suggestions on getting swimsuit ready. Eat healthier. I know, no brainer right. We all know this. But it’s so much more fun to…

Favorite Pets of Instagram

Thursday, 31 March 2016   18:17

Forget Kimye, The Biebs, T-Swift, Nike, The White House and all those cute soccer players. Yawn! Been there done that. Some of the best Instagrams to follow are animals! Here’s a list of my six favorite animals of Instagram. Norm the Pug. This pug’s selfie game is on point. You’ve got to respect that! INSTAGRAM.COM/JERMZLEE …

Our seven favorite dessert recipes on Pinterest right now!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016   14:51

Do you love cooking? Do you love dessert? Have we got a list for you, today. Our seven favorite dessert recipes trending on Pinterest. So forget about counting calories right now and try out some of these delicious treats. Easy Crème Brulee. We’re kicking off our list with crème brulee. Do you want to look fancy,…

Apartment Organization Tips for the Not-So-Neat Freaks

Tuesday, 29 March 2016   16:35

Jen Jackowski admits in her article, “4 Meticulous Apartment Organization Tips for the Neat Freak” that she’s a neat freak. “I have a confession: I am a neat freak. I grew up with a neat freak dad who used to make me redo my chores when my work wasn’t up to his standards, and now…

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