How well do you know your geography? Take out quiz and find out! Good luck, smarty pants…


  1. The beaver is the national emblem of what country?
    a) Egypt
    b) Brazil
    c) Canada
    d) Greenland




  1. Which mountain is nicknamed the “Savage Mountain”?
    a) Mount Everest
    b) K2
    c) Matterhorn
    d) Annapurna




  1. What is the driest place on Earth?
    a) Kufra, Libya
    b) McMurdo, Antarctica
    c) Atacama Desert
    d) Sahara Desert




  1. Which African nation has the most pyramids?
    a) Sudan
    b) Egypt
    c) Congo
    d) Libya




  1. What is the oldest city in the world?
    a) Damascus
    b) Athens
    c) Jerusalem
    d) Jehrico




  1. Which US state has the most active volcanoes?
    a) Hawaii
    b) California
    c) Alaska
    d) Washington




  1. What is America’s largest city by surface area?
    a) New York
    b) Yakutat
    c) Los Angeles
    d) Buford




  1. What is the capital of Turkey?
    a) Izmar
    b) Bursa
    c) Ankara
    d) Istanbul




  1. What is the flattest US state?
    a) Delaware
    b) Florida
    c) Illinois
    d) Kansas




  1. What is the national river of Russia?
    a) Rhine
    b) OB
    c) Danube
    d) Volga





How many do you think you got correct? Answers are below…












  1. C) Canada
  2. B) K2 is known as the Savage Mountain due to the extreme difficulty. It has the 2nd highest fatality rate, about one person dies on the mountain for every four who summit.
  3. B) McMurdo, Antarctica
  4. A) Sudan. It’s the home to over 200 pyramids, more than twice that of Egypt
  5. A) Damascus
  6. C) Alaska. There are about 169 volcanoes in the US that scientists consider active. Most of these (approx. 130) are located in Alaska.
  7. B) Yakutat, AK. Located on a glacier-surrounded bay in southern Alaska, Yakutat may only have 660 residents, but it’s six times as big as Rhode Island.
  8. C) Ankara
  9. B) Florida (bet you thought it was Kansas)
  10. D) Volga. Eleven of the twenty largest cities in Russia are in the Volga’s drainage basin.