Even in Winter, it can be fun to entertain in a backyard or out on a deck. Here are some ways to incorporate your outdoor space into wintertime parties, even if you do live in snowy or colder climates.



Gather your guests around a fire pit.

Is there anything more festive than an outdoor fire? You can invest in a portable version or build your own pit for cheap. If you’re uncomfortable with an open fire, consider providing another heat source; rental companies offer standing heaters for about $125-$150 dollars.



Offer a basket of blankets.

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Your guests should know to dress warmly, but it’s fun to also offer a basket of cozy throw blankets for people to wrap around themselves as they mingle.



Decorate with cozy accessories.

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Bring some indoor accessories outside. Drape your outdoor furniture with faux fur or flokati. Layer a few plush rugs to warm up the atmosphere (just keep them away from the fire!).



Serve hot beverages and nourishing, hearty food.

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Heated cocktails like apple cider with calvados and hot buttered rum are perfect on cool nights. One-dish meals like chili and stew are good choices, too; guests can warm their hands on their bowls, and you can keep a self-serve pot going on the stove. Roasting nuts or marshmallows over the fire can also be fun.



Devise an activity to get guests moving.

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Consider an outdoor dance party or a physical game like charades to keep your guests warm.




Contributed by Emma Guerena, Marketing Intern Steadfast Management