Every year people make resolutions and swear they’re going to stick to them. And every year people forget them right around January 5th. So what are people resolving to do more of in 2017? According to the data pulled from Google by iQuanti, these are the most popular New Year’s resolutions:


1. Get Healthy: 62,776,640 searches, a 13.77 percent increase over last year during the same time period, when it was searched 55,177,290 times.

Two supple athletic young women working out together in the countryside doing bending and stretching exercises



2. Get Organized: 33,230,420 searches, dipping by 7.41 percent compared to last year’s tally of 35,888,700.

organizing-your-small-business-850x476 small business trends

Courtesy of Small Business Trends



3. Live Life to the Fullest: 18,970,210, spiking by 13.04 percent from last year, when it maxed at 16,782,030.

Hiking to the top of hill, great success



4. Learn New Hobbies: 17,438,670 searches, up 4.72 percent from last year’s total searches of 16,652,950.





5. Spend Less/Save More: 15,905,290 searches, up 17.47 percent from 13,539,500 in 2016.





6. Travel: 5,964,130 searches, down by 0.82 percent from 2015’s 6,013,550,

couple on beach with travel bag representing freedom and funy honeymoon concept



7. Read More: 4,746,560 searches, down 5.63 percent from last year’s 5,029,790.

Young woman reading book


So what are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2017?



Contributed by Shellie Sylla, Marketing Manager Steadfast Management