Spring cleaning has sprung! And one of the things that drives me absolutely crazy are water spots on shower doors and glasses. I decided that since elbow grease wasn’t doing it, I’m going to do this scientifically. For you. I do this for you, and science.

water spots

First, I took to the internet to try out some magical cleaning ideas that might work.


Fabric softener sheets.


Fabric softener sheets are better than sliced bread if you spend any time on Pinterest. From silver shiner, to shoe polisher, dust rag to glass cleaner, these miracle sheets can supposedly do it all. They are great for a lot of things, but they didn’t get rid of the water spot build up.




Vinegar and baking soda.


The theory is that these two get together and create a water-spot eating monster. It’s basic science, right? Well, sadly that didn’t work, either.




Hydrogen Peroxide.


It’s bubbly. It’s good for boo-boos, why not water spots. Seemed legit to me. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, either.


So far, my super creative internet sources didn’t pan out. That’s weird, I thought everything on the internet was true. I decided to try standard cleaning products you can find at the grocery store.




That should get rid of spots on glass, right? It’s Windex! You’ve seen the commercials. But nope. It didn’t get rid of the water spots.




Bar Keepers Friend.


It’s like Ajax, but made for glass, silver, dishes, copper and other surfaces. Hold on…with a bit of scrubbing, this worked pretty well. Good to know!


(This one’s good, but let’s try one more! For the sake of science.)




Oh my goodness. This did the trick! One squirt of Lime-A-Way and a gentle (I mean literally NO elbow grease required at all) wipe down with my sponge and the spots were gone! GONE. It was like a light shined down from the heavens right onto my windows and glasses!


I’ve found my new favorite cleaner! Gone are the water spots and the frustration. Now it’s onto the next cleaning project. (Please read instructions before you use any cleaning product to make sure it works on the surface you’re planning on cleaning!)


Contributed by Shellie Sylla, Marketing Manager at Steadfast Management Company.