Our two favorite recruiters visited the Nashville College to Career Fair on April 6th. They met a lot of great people and had tons of fun getting Steadfast Management out there. But don’t take my word for it, let’s hear what Marcy and Ella have to say about their experience!


Ladies, who did you meet with at this event? Students? People already in the job market?

Marcy: Wonderful students and alumni from 13 different Universities throughout Tennessee.

Ella: We were so lucky to meet with both students as well as alums of the colleges!


What did you think about the event?

Marcy: This was the perfect event for Steadfast Management Recruiting to attend.  I was beyond impressed with the level of energy and experience these students and alumni had.  As well as how well prepared they were with questions and knowledge about Steadfast. Yay to having a some Steadfast Management fans in attendance.  I think the future is bright for these students and hope to have connected with a few future Steadfast employees.

Ella: The event was nothing short of AMAZING! There were lots of vendors and so many eager students and alums! There was such energy and excitement about the entire thing! It was very refreshing to see so many people excited about their future!


I heard that there were prizes involved. What did Steadfast Management swag did you give out?

Marcy: My personal favorite of the Steadfast swag were our white sunglasses.  Perfect for every outfit and a true collector’s items for the fashionable!!  Also I know our teams t-shirts were a big hit, so we hope to bring those to our next events.

Ella: Recipients were eligible to spin the prize wheel if they took a picture for our social media pages! In addition to the swag we gave out (totes, cups, pens, keychains, lanyards, etc..) they could win Starbucks gift cards or even a portable speaker!


What was your favorite thing about the event?

Marcy: Being able to connect with the next wave of employees was a professional and personal goal of mine.  I know this also holds true for our company, who fundraises throughout the year for youth efforts.

Ella: There was such a great vibe! You could feel the adrenaline throughout the building from both the vendors and the attendees! Everyone was so raw and warm and welcoming. There was a different level of comfort in meeting people and being able to offer them not just a job for their future but also a good culture along with it.


So tell us, any noteworthy moments or people you want to share?

Marcy: Noteworthy moments included being able to bond with the students/alumni and offer them some direction.  As well as share the pride I have in working with Steadfast!!  Also a shout-out to Rena Marron, Mystique Perkins, and Letisha Green who took time out of their busy schedules to take part in our efforts.  I don’t know how we would have managed without ya’ll!!  Their support and attendance was also a highlight.

Ella: Everyone we met with was so impressive! They were all bright-eyed and building strong foundations for their careers!


What words of advice do you have for anyone wanting to apply with Steadfast Management?

Marcy: I think with the right attitude and determination, Steadfast can offer a great opportunity for anyone!!  Steadfast Management really does invest in each and every employee, whether it be an entry-level or management position.

Ella: Think about what you want. With Steadfast you create your future! We have so many growth opportunities for you so what you want to do and where you want to be will depend on your drive and commitment.


So what’s your next hiring event?

Marcy: Hot off the heels of this successful event, we hope to hit our major markets soon.

Ella: Right now!! We are always hiring! In regards to our next career fair we are currently working on setting up our travelling schedule for the remainder of the year so be on the lookout for our next big event!


Ok ladies, I want to end this with what everyone really wants to know…How do you get your eyebrows so amazing?

Marcy: The secret to “fleeky eyebrows” is countless hours of you-tube tutorials. (I’m not going to lie, her eyebrows really are “on fleek!”)

Ella: My mama’s genetics and a good pair of tweezers!



Contributed by Shellie Sylla, Marketing Manager at Steadfast Management Company.