Group of young friends in sunglasses looking at camera against blue sky

Swimsuit weather is coming. Lying by the pool, taking a dip, getting some sun–it’s a great time of year. But many of us still have on our…um…winter bodies.

Well don’t despair, here are some suggestions on getting swimsuit ready.

Eat healthier. I know, no brainer right. We all know this. But it’s so much more fun to eat a burger or pizza, right? Well you can still eat those, just in moderation. Write everything down that goes in your mouth and how much. Keep track of everything. There are fitness apps that you can download like MyFitnessPal that helps you keep track of your calories and fat. Get into the habit of tracking, you’ll be surprised how something so small can get you to rethink what you’re eating.

Eating healthier does NOT mean going on one of the latest starvation diets or taking questionable supplements “guaranteed” to make you lose 100 lbs without doing anything. Let’s not go crazy people. Your body needs nutrients. And as many of us know, even though we think this time it will be different, depriving yourself today will only lead you to pigging out later. And more often than not, to gaining more than you lost.

Get out and get active. Another no brainier, but one that many of us don’t do as much of as we’d like. You don’t have to become a professional body builder, but as the days are getting longer, get out there and take a walk. Stop by your gym and try out the elliptical, bike or treadmill. Sign up for a local 5K. There are a lot of ways to get your fitness on. Tools like Apple Watch or FitBit are a great way of keeping track of your goals.

Don’t beat yourself up. We’re all human. So you ate a box of donuts. Or made that large pizza your own personal pizza. Or ate a pan of brownies…or a ton of cookies (ok I need to stop, I’m getting really hungry). Don’t give up on eating healthy because you made one (or ten) not-so-great food choices. Look at it this way, if you fell down one step, would you then decide oh to heck with it and fling yourself down the remaining ten flights of stairs? I seriously hope not. It’s the same thing with food, or with spending the day in bed watching Netflix (with that personal pizza and box of donuts) rather than going to the gym. Don’t beat yourself up. Just be aware of it and realize that the next time YOU get to decide and can choose a better food choice.

There are so many ways that we can incorporate healthy living into our daily routine. (Always talk with your doctor about making any life changes, don’t just jump into it because you read an article on a blog. Again, let’s not get crazy people.) We still have plenty of time until swimsuit weather, so let’s get out there and be healthy!

Contributed by Shellie Sylla, Marketing Manager at Steadfast Management Company.