Here you are, you had a maintenance request, the guys completed the work and went on their way. A day or two later, a survey shows up in your inbox. Ugh. Who wants to fill out a survey? Nobody has time for that!

Who wants to fill it out? YOU do! That’s who. Any apartment community that sends out surveys after maintenance, after you move in, prior to renewal, or at any other time, really wants to know how your experience was. This feedback is invaluable to the onsite management team, the Regional Manager and the corporate office. It’s invaluable to you and to your neighbors to let them know.

Feedback Computer Key In Blue Showing Opinion And Surveys

Had a great interaction with your leasing office? Let them know. Someone didn’t clean up after they fixed something? Let them KNOW. The more that they know, the more change that can be made if needed, or to continue on with their excellent ways if that’s the case. You know the phrase “happy wife, happy life?” It’s the same idea here, “happy residents, happy community.” (I couldn’t find anything clever that rhymes, but you get the idea.)

Nobody likes to receive negative feedback. In fact who wouldn’t love to hear amazing things about them and their community all the time? But it’s the good, the bad AND the ugly that is so incredibly helpful to understand. And you have that power to help them understand.

If your community is sending you surveys, they truly do want to know how they are doing and if there is something they could be doing better. When you think about it, that’s a pretty great thing, take advantage of that.

Andrew Greeley says, “Everyone takes surveys. Whoever makes a statement about human behavior has engaged in a survey of some sort.” So the next time you receive that survey in your inbox, make sure you take a couple of minutes to fill it out and share your thoughts.


Contributed by Shellie Sylla, Marketing Manager at Steadfast Management Company. (Republished from April 14, 2016)