There are the seven original wonders of the world located in Rome, China and many other countries. Since that list was made, there have been many other “wonders” list created to commemorate other monuments and locations. One specifically focused on by a British television series was the seven wonders of the industrial world and there are three that happen to be in the United States!

Here are three industrial wonders of the world located in the United States that you can travel to.


1.  Brooklyn Bridge


Courtesy of National Review

Made in 1883 and located in New York this Industrial Wonder is an impressive suspension bridge and is one of the oldest bridges of its type.


2. First Trans Continental Railroad (The Line)


Courtesy of Home Advisor

The First Trans Continental Railroad is the first railroad to span across the entire United States. The railroad was connected and finished in Utah during 1869. There are many places to visit the railroad but the final spike was laid down on Box Elder County, Utah.


3. Hoover Dam


Courtesy of the History Channel

The Hoover Dam is located near Boulder City, Nevada. It was built on the Colorado River and was started by President Hoover, hence the name. The dam is about 762 feet tall and was the biggest dam ever built when it was finished in 1935.


Now get out there and explore these wonders!


Contributed by Carter Irwin, Marketing Intern Steadfast Management