The countdown has begun and time is quickly running out for those of you who have yet to decide on a Halloween costume! If you are one of the many last minute planners (like me!) here is some inspiration on possible costume ideas. Whether you’re going alone, as a couple or as a group these top costumes of 2016 can work for you!


Pokémon Go Trainer (with or without Pokémon)

Pokémon Go definitely took the world by storm this year and why not keep the trend going with your costume? The best part is it is super simple! All you need are some black pants, sneakers, any color shirt, and a hat and belt you can attach a Pokémon logo to. Either finish the costume with a Poké ball or if you want to make it a couple costume have your partner dress up as their Pokémon of choice.



Star Wars the Force Awakens Crew

Family costumes don’t have to be boring! Try this adorable family/group costume and dress up as Finn, Rey and BB-8 from Star Wars the Force Awakens. This works for a group of friends or a family and if you have more than three people just throw in some storm troopers or have someone dress up as Kylo Ren. Most of these costumes can be made from current clothes in your wardrobe and the BB-8 outfit can easily be found at your local costume shop (just get there NOW… before they all sell out).

Force Awakens


Snapchat Filters

Now if you truly are SUPER last minute and need a costume quick then Snapchat Filters are for you! This extremely popular costume appeals to the masses because you can wear basically anything you’d like and just throw on some ears and a nose and BAM you are Halloween ready!



Favorite Blockbuster or Binge-Worthy TV Show

Now this one you can get a little more creative with, pick your favorite movie or show and dress up as the characters from it. Loved Ghostbusters? Then this group costume is for you! A Game of Thrones fanatic then why not be Hodor? Or if you simply can’t stop watching The Walking Dead then dress up as your favorite zombie fighting human!



Now that you are super informed on the most popular and trendiest costumes get out there and get them together! And a have very Happy Halloween!


Contributed by Ericka Eisenmann, Marketing Coordinator Steadfast Management.